About CaptureMD Healthcare Video Software Tool

The CaptureMD Story

For years it has been over complicated and difficult for physicians and healthcare practices to create high-quality video content in-house.

We set out to solve that and put the power of video at work for your practice.


Build trust with new patients

Educate existing patients

Engage potential patients

CaptureMD helps you engage with patients through video.

They Love Us

Why We Built CaptureMD

CaptureMD was founded by the team behind Intrepy Healthcare Marketing, an award-winning healthcare marketing agency. After nearly 10 years of helping grow medical practices across the US, we saw a consistent issue arise that stifled the potential growth of physicians and practices: the inability to create video content. We knew that was the key to unlock social media growth, engaging with patients and helping physicians build thought leadership. The problem was it was expensive, complicated and a logistical nightmare to get practices and physicians involved in the video game. So we set out to create a simple tool designed to help physicians create video in no time and collect patient stories to leverage in their marketing efforts.

Whether You are a Solo Practitioner or a Large Practice

Start Creating Video with CaptureMD

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