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Branded Story Videos
Made Easy

Capture, Create and Market Your Practice Story With CaptureMD

What is CaptureMD’s Story Video Tool?

We take 3 video clips and fuse them into 1 amazing story!

The capture a story feature is multi-functional and it can truly help you in tell a story (or a patient’s story) on a specific treatment, surgery or topic. You can use this feature to answer patient frequently asked questions and provide a more in-depth look at your specialty knowledge.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

Creating a Branded Story Video is Simple with CaptureMD:

You can send an email to yourself (or a patient) on three specific questions you want to answer on a treatment topic or about a patient’s care experience.

CaptureMD will gives your 30 seconds to record a video with a smartphone, tablet or webcam per question

All questions are answered and combined into a complete video sequence
We automatically add your branding, background music and a call to action and this video is ready to tell your story

Educate Your Patients & Grow Your Practice at the Same Time

CaptureMD’s Video Marketing Suite is Easy to Get Started On!

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