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How to Use Video Marketing for Dermatology

Dermatologists, like other doctors, use websites, social media, and email newsletters to tell patients who they are, where they are, and what they do.

Through these channels, you can connect with patients and market to them. However, video marketing has been shown to dramatically improve performance metrics and provide other benefits, like improving your reputation and getting patients more involved.

What is Video Marketing for Dermatology?

Video marketing is a way to move people through the medical sales funnel and turn leads into real patients. You have a website because it’s like putting up an online brochure about you and your practice that anyone can look at at any time.

Video marketing gives you the chance to impress a patient and get them to click the “Make an Appointment” button on your website.

Before a patient makes an appointment, a video makes it much easier to educate them and show that you can handle any problem they have.

How to Create Videos for a Dermatology Practice

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when creating videos for your website:

  • Act like yourself – You’re a real person, and people will find you more approachable
  • Keep your videos short – People can only pay attention to short videos due to attention spans, so it’s important to keep them no longer than 90 seconds
  • Get to the point – Skip the long introduction and get right to the point
  • Include a call to action – Encourage them to visit your website, make an appointment, or sign up for more of your content
  • Brand your video – This not only informs viewers who is speaking to them, but it will also give all of your videos a consistent look and feel
  • Add music – Depending on the type of content, music in the background can help entertain, draw people in, and give the images a sense of flow
  • Optimize for mobile use – Just like your website, make sure your videos can be played on as many mobile platforms as possible
  • Adding captions – This is a good way to help your videos work well on mobile devices. Captions let people watch your videos in noisy places or when they don’t have headphones
  • Tell a story – You’re more likely to get someone to do something if you can make them feel something like laughter, fear, or comfort
  • Include a transcript – A full transcript of the video copy is good for SEO because it helps search engines index your content. It also helps viewers remember your message by giving them a chance to read what they just saw and heard
  • Think about what your patients might ask – Know who you’re talking to. Think about the most common questions your patients ask you
  • Use a script – You don’t want to sound like a robot, but you also don’t want to look like you didn’t do your homework. Even if you’re good at talking on the spot, you should still have a plan for what you’re going to say and stick to it

All of these and more will help get you to where you want to be with your video marketing strategy. CaptureMD offers tools to help make this process easy and effective for your practice.

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