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Marketing to Patients Using Video: Why Does it Matter?

The truth is that most of us spend most of our time on social networks since the rise of social media. A recent review says that about 56% of the world’s 7 billion people use social networks. Several experts say that most of the time spent on the Internet is spent watching videos.

So what does this mean for healthcare? How important is video marketing to patients?

The Importance of Video Marketing for Medical Practices

Video has become a big part of content marketing because that’s how most people like to be entertained and learn new things.

Also, video is a very important way for potential patients to find you. Did you know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web?

Imagine that when people go to your website, they don’t have to scroll through a wall of text. Instead, they see a colorful, animated video that tells them about the services you offer and an introduction to your practice.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to spend your time? Because of this, smart doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations are getting ahead of the game by using video in their marketing strategies.

Types of Videos for Patients

  • Educational videos – Videos with news and information about different medical procedures, health conditions, and current health issues are a good way to build trust with new and current patients
  • Success videos – These videos can include patient testimonials, where different people talk about how well they did before and after getting treatment with your practice
  • Welcome videos – Videos that show new patients around your office and give them other information about your practice, like history, etc.
  • Conditions and treatments videos – These videos are vital to your marketing strategy and search engine optimization. You can create so many videos just based on the conditions you treat and the treatments you offer for those conditions
  • “Behind the scenes” videos – Videos that show your patients, current and new, what a day is like for you at your practice, show them the good stuff. People like to see what a doctor does day-in and day-out, with the proper permissions from your patients you can even show some of the gory stuff, record a procedure and explain what’s happening
  • FAQs videos – These videos will help improve your engagement by a long shot. You can compile a list of the most frequent questions you get at your office, whether it’s about a condition, a treatment, or a popular health concern, make a video and answer those questions!
  • Live videos for Q&A sessions with your patients – Live videos are becoming more and more popular on social media platforms like Facebook. Start a live video and let the audience ask questions they have in mind about you, your practice, health concerns, and much more
  • And more! – You can come up with so many ways to share videos and to share information with your patients, be creative!

How to Make the Best Videos for Your Medical Practice

Once you’ve decided what kind of videos you want to make, the next step is to actually make them. Here are some important tips that will help you make the best videos, whether you decide to hire more staff or make the videos yourself with an app, such as CaptureMD.

Here are some useful tips when creating your videos for patients and other viewers:

  • Short and simple – People have short attention spans, especially on social media, so short videos are the best way to go. You should make short, to-the-point videos that are no more than 90 seconds long
  • Make sure videos can be viewed with a desktop and on mobile devices – Make sure that, like your website, your videos can be played on different mobile devices. More than half of the billions of mobile phone users in the world are busy on social media. So, it is very important that you ensure the videos are set up for mobile use
  • Act like yourself – Even though you might be nervous at first, try to calm down and just be yourself. The key to good video marketing is to be as relatable as possible, so it’s important to act naturally. Also, make sure you have a list of the topics you want to talk about, which will help you avoid awkward silences and allow you to relax
  • Branding – Branding your videos is very helpful because it gives them a consistent look and lets people know who is speaking. In the same way, branding gives your healthcare business a sense of trustworthiness and helps you stand out from other doctors in your area
  • Call to action – Make sure you include a call to action in each video, as this will encourage people to visit your website or call your office to set up an appointment as soon as they can
  • Be consistent – Make sure you are posting videos on a consistent basis. This will help keep your practice trustworthy and valuable when it comes to marketing strategy
  • Optimize your videos – Make sure you are organized and that the places you share your videos, like social media or your website, have information about your medical practice. Add transcripts, captions, and an interesting title to your videos to make them even more useful and ranks in Google searches

All of these can become overwhelming if you have a busy practice and schedule. Let the experts at CaptureMD help you with your video marketing needs. Learn more about how it works and start your free trial to test it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!

Wrapping Up Video Marketing to Patients

As a medical professional, you shouldn’t be afraid to use video marketing as part of your marketing plan, since this will definitely help your business. CaptureMD is an all-around video marketing tool that was made with your healthcare video marketing needs in mind.

It can help you grow your medical practice in a better way. Contact CaptureMD right away to learn more about how you can use technology to improve the efficiency of your marketing and the patient experience.

Whether You are a Solo Practitioner or a Large Practice

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