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Orthopedic Video Marketing: Why is It Important?

In the competitive healthcare market of today, your orthopedic practice needs a steady stream of leads and new patients. To turn visitors into new patients, you need to use marketing strategies that are effective and focused on the patient. Most of these strategies involve digital marketing, such as website design, medical SEO, paid advertising, reputation management, and most importantly video marketing.

What is Orthopedic Video Marketing?

Simply put, orthopedic video marketing involves using videos to help market your orthopedic practice.

Videos are a great way to market because they can share both information and feelings. They help people who are looking for a new doctor “meet you” before they meet you.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Orthopedic Practices

Video marketing is easy to see as a good idea. You can use video to turn more people who are interested in your orthopedic practice into patients. You can build trust in your orthopedic practice by showing videos of your orthopedic surgeons.

Your videos can introduce your providers, give potential patients important information about orthopedic health, and answer questions that are often asked. Your practice is more likely to get good leads if you let your prospects see the human side of your providers.

Topics for Orthopedic Video Marketing

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your videos, just think about the questions your patients ask most often. That should help you come up with a lot of content ideas that you know patients want.

Here are some more video content ideas for your orthopedic practice:

  • A “behind the scenes” type of video that shows the day-to-day routine of your practice
  • Create a video on one of the most common orthopedic conditions or treatments and go over the what, why, and how
  • What are some of the most common questions you are asked by your patients? You can come up with a list of these and create a video for each
  • And so much more!

Keep in mind, your videos should stay around 60 to 90 seconds long. You don’t want to have videos that are too long and lose your audience before the video is finished.

How to Create and Prepare Videos for Orthopedic Practices

To keep it simple, don’t go buying all the expensive recording equipment. Nowadays the camera and video quality of some of the most recent smartphones, like an iPhone 12 or newer, is great quality for this type of project.

As far as lighting goes, you can go on Amazon and purchase a simple ring LED light so your video quality increases. You always want to make sure that your practice logo and a call-to-action are always included.

Start Your Video Marketing with CaptureMD

One of the best and easiest ways to achieve video marketing for your orthopedic practice is to check out our video marketing tools here with CaptureMD. Our software is efficient and user-friendly, making video marketing for your practice easy and fun to use.

Whether You are a Solo Practitioner or a Large Practice

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